Finding something I lost… perspective

So. I lost my iPhone a few days ago. It was flicked from my office desk. I went through all the stages that everyone who has ever lost or had their phone stolen. I didn’t believe it at first that it was actually stolen (How could it happen to me??!!!) Immediately called on my phone […]

I am an adult.

How did I come to this realisation? Well… I happened to watch the third (and hopefully last) of the Bridget Jone’s trilogy. In this, Bridget is now 43, single, and still bumbling her way through life. She is, as per her own trope, caught between two men; the third happens to be dead. There is […]

Day 2 of 366 – To Realising

The day after the New Year is usually that of excitement, unbridled energy if you will, where hope and enthusiasm are still untouched by cynicism. You want to jump into activities, make plans that seem impossible, but to your exhilarated mind ‘nothing is impossible – the words impossible itself say I M possible’ – i […]


So an app update completely wiped out my previous entries on WordPress. Instead of fretting I realised “we hey now. This is the perfect moment to start afresh. Blog about what actually happened and what you like when nothing happens (such a day could occur) and stay away from the verisimilitude conversations that happen in […]

Anticipation – “From her faith came her patience.”

I recently finished re-reading the Ramayana written by Devdutt Pattanaik and the chapter titled Anticipation, he has a introduction line, which reads “From her faith came her patience.” Now this is context to Sita waiting patiently and faithfully in the knowledge that Ram shall rescue her from Ravana. Her patience came from her faith, her faith of such […]