Do It For Story

This might sound like a person who is out of sync with time, harping on about the invasive presence of technology in our lives. While one cannot deny its implications and success in our everyday activities and actions, which are subliminal and subconcisously performed, in an almost choreographed manner, I find it jarring. Why are […]

You are not obligated to honour someone else’s juju. 

  This knocked me off my feet. I am ill. And I have three prognosis for it. Person 1: You have an infection, which is why you are feeling weak, have fever, body pain, cough, and cold. Here are strong multi-coloured antibiotics, which will cure you. Please have these regularly. Person 2: You know, this […]

The Centre Cannot Hold

I am swirl of simple emotions right now, where the trajectory of my feelings is not dependent on my interaction with people in a defined social construct. An absence of a coherent thought or a seemingly empty gaze upon any object or the observance of a social interaction while performing mindful physical activities necessary  to […]

What Mercury In Retrograde Has Taught Me

As the foggy remnants clear away, blown away by the winds heralding the new following the end of Mercury in retrograde, these words written by Portuguese self-help author Jose Micard Teixeira perfectly capture my thoughts – innermost and now sent out to the Universe. They are: ‘I no longer have patience for certain things, not because […]

The Universe is a cruel and vexing puzzle. And I am at the whim of the cosmos. 

The first of every month, I am indubitably excited because my horoscope is out. And as my fingers tap over the keyboard and I wait for the page to upload, I start imagining what heavenly advice is going to be bestowed upon me and what, from those messages from the stars above, will I consciously […]

The centre cannot hold

I was recently described as bizarre by this guy who I have met or rather have had coffee with three times, I think. I mean we obviously had interactions apart from the time when we met up for coffee. But, to be called bizarre. There’s a first time for everything I guess. I shared this […]