I am an adult.

How did I come to this realisation? Well… I happened to watch the third (and hopefully last) of the Bridget Jone’s trilogy. In this, Bridget is now 43, single, and still bumbling her way through life. She is, as per her own trope, caught between two men; the third happens to be dead.
There is her old love, the love of her life as she quotes in one of her numerous inner monologue, Mr Darcy and then there is the new love – Jack Qwant.
Polar opposites of each other. The former is controlled in his emotions, thoughts and actions, focused on his work (international human rights lawyer), sardonic, a man of few words and even fewer actions. The latter, is the new age American who believes in vibes and auras, yoga and positive thoughts, and charm that is contagious as it is pleasing. And did i mention that he rides a motorcycle!
So, as you would expect, Bridget has ‘relations’ with both the men in a span of 10 days, and she is pregnant (she blames the vegan eco-friendly condoms that dissolve and save the dolphins from choking on them).
And thus begins the period where two men, fight to convince Bridget of their love and affection and possibility of a happy ever after with them.

She is swayed by the Patrick, and i must confess, so was i. He is jovial, funny, charming, adventurous and EXCITING! Darcy, on the other hand, can be described as somewhat solid.
But solid is what gives you comfort, feels like home, protects you. More importantly it lets you be you. And when you are you, everything is exciting!
And when Bridget grew up and realised that even though she isn’t sure whose baby she is carrying, she did want Darcy. Because he is solid. And the reason why you love someone and want them in your life is because they are the opposite of you, and because they feel like home.
And when you start agreeing with movie characters that’s when you know you have grown up – because it gets you right in the feels.
I am an adult now.


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