The Wedding Line

Have you heard of the wedding line?

No. It is not the line you have to queue in to reach the stage and congratulate the lovely couple on their holy union.

This Wedding Line is literally the line that tells you, ‘woah, this is certainly an eye opener.’

It is the length of the mehendi that will be applied on your hand by the mehendi wali as directed by the bride. The bride who happens to be your friend.

Just covering your entire palm, with a diagonal design – hello stranger.

Intricate design on your entire palm and reverse – hello friend.

Intricate design covering the entire length of your arm (reaching right up till your elbow) – hello soulmate

Actions do speak louder than words.

But I am not sad, it is the nature of life and its way. relationships are often outgrown, their purpose served (not in a cynical or clinical way) and they are packed off, sometimes like a smooth exit interview or sometimes like two lovers fighting to get the last word in.


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