It has to be perfect!

It has to be perfect, otherwise I am not a 100% happy.

I will not let my happiness depend on another person.

I will not react to things in a haste. Especially conversations.

I will not be annoyed that when I get something that I wanted, but not in the manner that I had in mind. I will infact be happy and grateful.

I will accept compliments with grace and a smile and a word of thanks!

I will not pigeonhole people and problems.

I will be  judgement free when it comes to dating boys. *pinkie swear*

I will be open to life and the universe and accept all the love, positive vibes and smiles they send with gratitude and blessings.

And most importantly, I will embrace that sometimes things are not perfect, and they are still okay 🙂 and I can be happy.


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