Day 2 of 366 – To Realising

The day after the New Year is usually that of excitement, unbridled energy if you will, where hope and enthusiasm are still untouched by cynicism.

You want to jump into activities, make plans that seem impossible, but to your exhilarated mind ‘nothing is impossible – the words impossible itself say I M possible’ – i have always disliked this phrase or motivation quote.

Day two in my opinion is all about realising. You probably have fragments of your yearly horoscope running in your mind while you go about mkaing ‘real plans’. By horoscope did say that if I wanted to meet the man of my dreams I should look out to more social life to meet him. I don’t think I would need a horoscope to point that out to me. I mean that is something you realise yourself. If you want to meet someone new, you have to go out. Not to a bar necessarily, it could even mean a bookstore, your local library, hell even your local grocer will do. You can only meet new people (platonic or romantic interest notwithstanding) if you step out of the house.

Counter argument from others – Rapunzel didn’t leave her tower ever and her prince came to meet her. Well, bollocks. It sounds natch because it is fictional and we all love romantic fictional stories. Realise that you will have to go out to meet and make new friends. Go beyond your social boundaries. Hell sign up for a painting event like I did last year. I was eager to meet new people, interact with them over a common theme or purpose. I didn’t want to sign up for a history walk around my city or volunteer for some charitable event. I signed up for Paintstorm. Drink, socialise, while you paint with others. The first event I signed up, I made a friend, who then advised me on my stay and solo trip to Rishikesh. Best trip ever of 2015!

Be smart. Realise that sometimes you have to be logical. Because being logical sometimes makes it very easy to believe and have faith in fate that you are going to have fun 🙂


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